When I remain in a state of fear, am I centered in the currently with a clear mind and also a calm spirit? The solution is a definite NO!

Is it feasible to really get in touch with another being or scenario if you remain in the past being sorry for or in the future stressing? NO once more!

Being someplace apart from present moment makes it difficult to be soulfully as well as mentally attached.

Worries holding us back, you require energy to care but power is being utilized to soothe the ego as it sticks desperately to dark fears and flounders in a sea of self-absorption.

True concern comes from a bold as well as detailed expedition of the individual value system in relation to the exterior globe.

– My child is utilizing harassing methods to manipulate another right into acting as he/she desires. I can try to address the situation as it stands, in ways familiar and also comfy to me, ie- dominate my kid and clarify the ins and outs of intimidation and tell them not to and also scream a little bit, potentially with little or no long lasting success. (This is how points are generally done!).


I might take the time to analyze my life for minutes when I have actually made use of bullying tactics as well as manipulation. I can ask myself ‘What inspired me to act by doing this?’ I can discover my judgments around this behavior, on myself and also others. I can see that we ONLY do what we know till we know something a lot more or better, until we find an additional method to be!

AND then I can approach my kid with my brand-new understanding. I can sit down and clarify, I can access humbleness. My kid can see as well as hear and also FEEL my stability as well as adjustments start to miraculously happen!

This concept can be effectively related to many a context; social, worldwide and also individual.

If I am raving the state of terrorism in the world …’ OH the PHYSICAL VIOLENCE … THOSE PEOPLE’ and then reversing in the following min from my comfy lounge as well as hissing at my companion.

I am NOT exhibiting real empathy for the global circumstance I am using/displaying ‘False’ concern to make my ego really feel crucial and resemble it cares, when in fact it is simply eliminated that there is things going on in the world that sustains it’s very own inner turmoil!

Ooooh what a tangled internet we weave!

If I check out the violence on TELEVISION and also I reflect on my life, acknowledging my own fierce perspectives, my racial bias and my motivation for these values- re-frustration at not being heard, concern of not being good enough and FEAR for my ego/identity’s survival.

I will have a humbleness as well as an understanding that will make me a real supporter for peace. I will stop to judge so roughly as well as thus prolong clarity of mind right into reliable option making as well as real, practical compassion. (plus I take place to educate by instance all those I then experience… seems worth it to me!).

When I am stressing I am providing right into a damaged ego. An EGO laden with the worry of non-existence!

It is interesting to me the sizes we go to sustain our identity; and the important things I fret about are- my financial resources, my health and wellness, my kids, my relationship, my world … etc Lots of ‘My’s’ and ‘I’s’ because sentence. Ample concerns to maintain me over cast as well as out of the loophole!

Allowing myself to launch my attachment to the future as well as of non-existence, stands me in much better stead to EXIST in a substantial means with real concern and also a YUMMY DOSAGES OF HONESTY!

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