Are you going to start an online project? You have to ask for a Web budget! You have a project, but you want to improve it? Start by asking for a Web budget!

Your success on the Internet starts with a good website budget. If you don’t know where to start, in this step-by-step guide I show you how to ask for a perfect Web budget that meets your expectations.

Asking for a Web budget is the beginning of every online business; whatever the magnitude of your project on the Internet, or even if you already have a Web page of your company, at some point you will have to seek professional help from Web designers and developers. At that point, how do you get the right help?

The idea when requesting a Web budget is that, as a client, you can clearly express what you are looking for, what your goals are and what approach your commercial objectives take with respect to the Web page.

Although it may seem funny, many people panic about requesting a Web budget, because they don’t know where to start or understand that the purpose of this process goes beyond knowing how much they have to pay for the design or development of their Web page, but a Web budget goes far beyond knowing what the price of designing your Web page is!

If at the time of requesting a Web budget, you are sufficiently clear, detailed and know how to communicate your ideas, needs and objectives to the Web design and programming company, you are off to a good start!

And I assure you that you are very close to achieving your goals, as an online business, made reality, you will also avoid falling into the hands of a few rascals who are loose in this world of Web services!

Do you want to request a Web quote right now? If you don’t have time to lose, from Xplora we can design a perfect Web budget for you and your company.

Together with my team, we take the necessary time to study the needs and objectives of customers to give them an effective response and results. No cheating, no cardboard, no “selling smoke”. So don’t hesitate to tell us what you need.

What is a Request for Proposal/Web Budget?

I think the first question you should ask yourself is what is a request for proposal (RFP).

A request for proposal or Web budget is not just another form on the website, nor an e-mail query; it must be seen as a personal and tailor-made document through which the client initiates communication with the future company that will design and develop the website, which is why it is so important if you finally want to get a website that really brings results to your business!

If I had to define a request for a Web proposal and budget, I would say that it is a request for a personalized budget, where the client describes in detail his project, clarifies his goals and defines his needs, hoping that the company responds personally to the request, in a personalized way taking into account all that information.

Each request for proposal and Web budget will then be different and personalized to each client and project. Therefore it deserves a different treatment from any serious company of design and programming of Web pages.

Later I will teach you how to detect if the Web design company, which you are asking for a budget for your website, is serious and ethical or if, on the contrary, they want to sell you a cat for a hare, but that later!

Why do you have to write a Web budget request?

It’s about saving time! Before using this procedure, when requesting a quote for your website, you had to spend hours glued to the phone answering the questions that might have the Web design company to whom you asked for a quote, or write countless short emails!

What I’m saying is that when writing a Web quote request, the client has the ability to express all their ideas, needs and objectives, from the first moment.

This gives the Web services company the opportunity to better understand the client’s Web project and evaluate whether they have the training and experience necessary to create what the client is looking for.

This not only saves a lot of time for both parties, but also optimizes the process and ensures that the client gets a better price from the web designer and WordPress, before advancing in the negotiation and signing the web design and development contract.

This is why certain questions are also important that you should ask before contracting the design of your website.

Is a technical description the same as a Web quote request?

When you ask for a Web budget you will find two different terms; the RFP, which I have already told you is the request for a Web proposal and budget, but the other is the technical description of the Web project (TD).

Now, both terms or documents are not the same, although many clients tend to confuse them; many Web designers and programmers even do!

The difference between the two is that a request for proposal and Web budget is made at the beginning of the communication or, better said, before hiring this Web service, while a technical description is prepared when the agreements with the Web design company have already been established, when negotiations have already been made.

The technical description documentation of the Web project, as its name suggests, is much more descriptive than the Web budget request; it focuses on those aspects of the project related to the visual and functional structure of the Web page.

How to request an effective website quote?

Now you know that the purpose of a Web quote request is for you to send, from the beginning, the right signals to the possible designer or programmer of your Web site, right? Well, good communication is the key and, to achieve it, you must include the following elements and information that I am going to describe to you.

Of course you don’t have to include them all, nor should you place them in the order in which I show them to you, but it is important that you guide the Web developer in most of them.

Describe your company’s objectives for your website

How can the web designer and programmer help you if you don’t know what you need? By defining the objectives of your project, you’ll be off to a good start.

When requesting a Web budget, be detailed when writing what you hope to achieve with the Web page.

To do this, tell the reason for your business: why it is necessary, what you hope to achieve with the project, in what time you need to complete it and what your economic budget is. And no, don’t make faces!

Putting a number from the beginning, or at least shedding light on a price range that has to make a Web page or WordPress, helps Web developers to create the perfect plan of attack, adjusted to your budget, or let you know that the budget you have set is not enough.

Although it may seem a bit crude to put a figure is useful for you to prepare the best Web budget you can imagine, the one that fits in every way to your business.