The TikTok algorithm may seem mysterious, especially if you’re new to the platform, but don’t be fooled. Like Instagram, there are factors that affect the performance of your videos. From the hashtags you use to the time you post, and even your choice of music, all can influence the TikTok algorithm.

In this blog post, we share everything we know about the TikTok algorithm and how you can start using it:

Understanding the Algorithm

If you’re new to TikTok, the app can be an intimidating place full of GenZ at first glance, but don’t let that discourage you! It’s not just about viral dance challenges or lip-syncing in the feed: there are a lot of brands, companies and publishers coming together. From skin care tips and tutorials to fun skits and even politics, there’s literally room for every niche in TikTok.

Before immersing ourselves in the TikTok algorithm and how it works, we should keep in mind that TikTok is known to keep its algorithm secret. Unlike Instagram, where they openly explain how their feed is classified, the internal workings of the TikTok algorithm are not verified by the TikTok itself. But that hasn’t stopped the people investigating it on their own.

What we do know is that the TikTok algorithm is influenced by many different factors, and although there is no quick fix for hacking the algorithm, there are things it can do to help improve our reach and participation.

How does the TikTok algorithm work?

In the world of social networking, TikTok is still relatively new to the scene, which makes the algorithm difficult to pinpoint as trends, behaviors, and application characteristics are constantly changing. Once you set up a TikTok profile, your feeding experience will be divided into two categories: the “For You” page and your “Next”.

Both have their own usefulness: the Next tab focuses on who you’re currently following, while the For You page is considered the ultimate real estate on the platform in terms of discoverability and virality, similar to how Instagram’s Explore page works. As you continue to use the platform, your For You page will continue to be increasingly curated, highlighting what you are interacting with, commenting on, saving, or sharing.

The healing and TikTok For You algorithm are responsible for feeding in that endless stream of content, which makes it very addictive and one of the many reasons users keep coming back for more. With an average daily viewing time of 52 minutes, the TikTok algorithm is obviously doing something right!

While no one can say that the For You page is how you go viral in TikTok, it is often said that it is a “holy grail” if you land as a creator. Instead of leaving it to chance and good luck, there are still many variables that TikTok uses to filter and choose what happens in users’ For You pages, including hashtags, music options, time, and more.

Important factors for the TikTok algorithm

To help you create the best content and use those variables to get more prominence in the TikTok feed, let’s jump to the main factors that influence the TikTok algorithm. From defining your hashtag strategy to choosing songs and trend sounds, we have everything you need to hack into the TikTok algorithm.

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